10 Of The Best Desk Lamps

With the new year upon us, it's time to upgrade our homes - without the stress of overspending our budget. Less energy output also means that these bulbs put out less heat than incandescent or halogen bulbs, so your work area stays cooler, and the bulbs don't hurt to touch. When you're working at your desk, it is important to have adequate lighting. Such is hardly the case: you should reposition your lamp as often as you need for ease of reading to to accommodate the other items sharing the desk.

The E1 has a higher CRI rating compared with the A4, our previous pick that is now discontinued; this image gives a rough idea of how colors will look under the two lamps. What it lacks in sleekness it makes up for in bona fides: The CET recommends this lamp because it's been developed in accordance with sleep research, gradually fading to darkness at bedtime and waking users up with an outpouring of light.

It is a stylish LED desk lamp that occupies less space and less energy as well. If your desk lamp allows you to adjust its brightness level, customize it to the task at hand. When you are lighting your office environment, you should look out for lamps that are flicker free.

Desk lamps are needed for different purposes. Desk lamps in homes are generally 2700K-3000K. What are the best reading lights ? The LED light isn't the only thing modern about this lamp; the entire design is a contemporary alternative for the home or office. 3M Polarizing LED Task Light Desk Lamp works on polarizing light filter technology that allow you to read the books, novels in a better way.

Why you'll love it: The BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp is great for reading and it has a really cool contemporary design. A table lamp that's 26 to 28 inches tall (base and shade together) usually works well. This desk lamp has flexible arm, so you can manage the best position and angle from this desk lighting device easily.

ENHANCED LIGHTING CONTROL: The energy efficient Luxe LED Lamp offers three lighting modes and six levels of brightness, all controlled by a touch panel at the base. The TaoTronics Stylish Metal Table Lamp is flexible with a metallic feature that comes with a streamlined and minimalistic design.

Anything else is going to project light in the wrong manner and will hurt your eyes more than anything else especially when you are reading text. The small size ensures more space is left for other items on your desk or table. Unique table lamps don't come any more remarkable than this!

The BenQ Eyecare is the giraffe of desk back to school lamps. Lighting quality is determined by two factors - brightness and color temperature. LED bulbs use just 1 watt of power on their lowest setting or up to 8 watts on their brightest settings. The table lamps offer a clean and sleek look that greatly adds to the appeal of a room.

You will probably agree that while choosing a lamp we think not only of the light quality but also about its impact on our eyesight. If you already have them around your home, you may find them in bathroom or kitchen lamps, where the light source is intended to create bright and intense light.

Mercator Lennox LED Desk Lamp with USB White This Mercator Lennox LED Desk Lamp is perfect for use on top of your desk. In addition, the type of material that is used can determine how sturdy and stable the desk lamp will be. Try to choose a lamp that has the strongest base.

The metal lamps feature a solid color throughout, and the inside of the shade is the only part that's white. I hope this list of the best modern desk lamps has been helpful. One accent table lamp can bring in color and make it a thing to admire, creative table lamps can also showcase your personality, your pop culture interests or just show that you know what interior design is really all about.

The BenQ e-Reading Lamp provides constant and flicker-free illumination and no more unstable lighting to harm your eyes. Older technology can mean that the light from the desk lamp can flicker whilst it is on, and this is something that is completely eliminated with the BenQ lamp.

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